Boneo Canine Clinical Formula 12/Case

Boneo Canine Clinical Formula 12/Case

BONEO Canine® Clinical Formula is the only bone supplement on the market that promotes bone growth and stimulates healthy bone remodeling. This product may be especially beneficial for  fracture healing and addressing bone loss. It is an all natural product with a patented Neo-Portin Complex. It also supports healthy joint function by down-regulating inflammatory mediators. Unlike traditional products which only address joint lubrication, BONEO Canine is the first All in One Bone and Joint Supplement that targets the ENTIRE skeletal system.

BONEO Canine® Clinical Formula delivers powerful bone and joint support to dogs with advanced needs. This maximum strength formula was designed specifically to address the complex demands of veterinarians and veterinary orthopedic surgeons. It works by actively supporting bone turnover, which can be beneficial for dogs that are undergoing bone healing and in fracture management with surgery or splint stabilization. In veterinarian-supervised case studies, this product was shown to have a positive effect on bone healing time in routine surgeries like TPLO or TTA procedures.

BONEO Canine® Clinical Formula has a maximum strength dose (200 mg) of Neo-PORTIN® Complex, a patented protein-based technology that promotes bone turnover, enhances absorption of nutrients, and supports healthy joint function. The formula is also fortified with bone and joint specific vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for comprehensive and effective support.

BONEO Canine® Clinical Formula is sold exclusively through veterinarians, veterinary orthopedic surgeons, and animal health clinics. Your veterinarian may recommend this product if you have a working dog, senior dog and/or as a follow-up to an orthopedic procedure. It may also be given to dogs that need a glucosamine alternative or require additional bone-nutrient supplementation.

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